Thursday, July 15, 2010

Approaching Launch!

With my business launch growing nearer and nearer at its set date of July 20th, I felt I should get my new blog banner up and running~!

Here is what it is currently, it may undergo some more changes before the 20th, we'll see!

My next step toward my business launch is to create my business cards. I have a design all ready and I am very excited to get to work on them. I am torn however if I should get them done professionally (which will cost a lot) or if I should do them myself? I seem to have all the necessary items to get it done... I just need some coloured ink and make sure my printer is still up to snuff! I just hope they come out okay either way~!

However, I have been thinking, before I can get business cards all set up I will need a cell phone. I do have a land-line where I am currently residing (back at home with my mom) however this is only a temporary situation. I want my business cards to be relevant for a long time and if I put my home number down, only to move a few months later, then my business cards will be outdated!

I guess it is kind of weird that I, as a young woman, don't already have a cell phone. But I find them to be just an unnecessary expense! Oh well... as my mom always says "You gotta spend money to make money!"

Cell phone first. Then business cards!

July 20th, please come soon, but not too soon that I am unprepared!!

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