Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Skills Competition 2012

Today was the Provincial Skills Competition- I decided to participate in the 2D Animation competition

We were given specific instructions on what our character had to be/do, but it was up to our imagination/discretion for design and overall story.

Our character had to be a teenage Easter Bunny who is a student- he doesn't like anything to do with being an Easter bunny. Soo he wore his school uniform inside out and look overall apathetic. He just likes his head phones and Justin Bieber (blech).

The story had to involve the character wanting to get into a "Happy Easter" door, but its stuck. He figures out that it opens from the other side, but not his. So he has to try and open it- whether or not he succeeds/what happens when/if he does was up to us.

This was what I came up with!
We had 1 hour in the morning to design the character and storyboard. The rest of the day was set up for animating... and what a day is was.

Not my greatest work (possibly the worst walk cycle ever), it obviously was rushed, but fun.

Please check out the animation HERE!!

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