Sunday, April 22, 2012


I see blogger has been updated! A little bit of a learning curve involved with the new site, but overall I like it.

I figure this would be a good time for me to do an update myself!

Classes have finally ended and I am thrilled! This school year flew by (with alarming speed), it was a tough but fun one- I'll miss it, but I'm excited for the future!
Tomorrow I will begin my work term or "Capstone" project which is about 5 weeks. After that I am finished and heading to Halifax to see if my skills can get my employed in the industry!

Speaking of skills; I decided my environment and layout skills were getting a little rusty, so I took some time (out of my very busy end-of-the-year-schedule) to develop those skills some more!
Here is my take on an Atlantis/underwater Greecian ruins scene. I was going for a stylized, almost whimsical feel, without being too unrealistic. It was a great refresher to work on this and I'm looking forward to creating more!

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