Thursday, June 14, 2012


I am proud to say I officially graduated from the Interactive and Motion Graphics course from NSCC.

It was my goal this year to get an honours diploma, just like I did with my Digital Animation diploma. I'm rather studious and I define myself by my successes- so there was no way I wasn't going to try hard and get honours!

However, I was absolutely taken aback when I received a phone call days before graduation indicating I'd be receiving the Governor General's Academic Medal for the highest academic achievement in my institution.  I could not believe my ears!

The only thing that made the occasion better was Lenore Zann, local MLP and amazing voice actress was going to present me with the award on stage! You may remember Lenore from the early 90s X-men as Rogue- THATS RIGHT, ROGUE! (She was always my favourite <3 ) Lenore and I had worked together in the past, so it was great to get to speak with her again. As a Digital Animation student, she voiced a character I designed, from a script I wrote, that my class used to create an animated short. If you check out my demo reel (above) you will get to hear her voice my Neurotic Gerbil, Peaches! It was such an honour to receive such an amazing award from such an amazing woman!

Here's a looksie at the medal! Its a beaut!


What a day it was <3

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