Saturday, December 15, 2012

Movember results and Comic anthology

Its been a while since I updated!

For starters I decided my blog needed a make over, so I simplified it and made it look more like my business cards. So, yeah, thats cool! 

Movember update! With the help of my friends and other donators we raised $157 dollars for my Movember group! Here is a compilation of all the portraits I did:
Please click for full size!

In other news a few of friends and I have also decided to create a comic anthology project under the theme "introduction". We will be managing and collecting short story comics from over 27 artists (with hopefully more to come) so that around June we will publish them online. The project sparked from the idea of getting some very talented artists some much deserved internet attention and general buzz! We are very excited about the project and I will be posting more info about it, and my own comic, and time goes by. Stay tuned!

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