Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow Day~!


There was a snow day today canceling school after my morning class.
I came home, finding myself feeling fairly productive, and got a lot of things done- from assignments to cleaning I'm feeling pretty accomplished, haha. The only downside is I didn't go to the gym today after class like I was going to, instead I went home and ate candy... Yum!

In other news, I purchased Holly Dewolf's "Breaking into Freelance Illustration" book in order to get a grasp on things with my potential freelance illustrator career. Its such a great resource! Especially for a beginner like me; to read about successful freelance illustrators its very encouraging. Holly actually came in to talk to my business class last term about working as a freelance illustrator- the entire time I was taking notes and hanging off her every word! Haha, what an inspiring presentation, really! Its what first made me realize that I (hopefully) won't become a starving artist if I become a freelance illustrator and that my dream to become one wasn't crazy, like my grandmother told me it was, haha.

Anyway, away I go to enjoy the rest of my snow day and my candy!

Have a great weekend, any/all readers!

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