Friday, January 22, 2010

School and Life

Its hard to believe it is already the 22nd of January. Especially since only a month ago I was exclaiming "Tomorrow is Christmas Eve Eve!"

Time flies.

As time is whizzing by me I am reminded of just how busy things are going to get with school! In my business class I am setting myself up for becoming a freelance Illustrator... one of my dream jobs <3

At this point I am merely researching and testing the market. For this summer, once I graduate, I am out in the world on my own. For the first time in my life (since I was 5 anyway) I will not be a student. Scary! But that won't last long!

As it stands I am taking the year after graduation off. I intend to develop myself as a freelance Illustrator and hopefully make enough money to pay down (preferably off) my student loan. I want to pay it down as low as possible... I'll do whatever it takes! If it means working part time at some crappy fast food joint (again) while I freelance then so be it! ...Though hopefully it won't come to that <3

Once the loan is down (or gone!) I will take out another student loan and I will go back to school for illustration or expand my animation~! Not sure which yet.

In additional to all of these big job plans I am excited to announce my first big trip!! This May I will be going to New York!! I have never left the country before so I am very excited. I am taking the trip with my mother and a gaggle of other St. Francis University Alumni's. I am my mom's plus one, haha. I am raising the money for this trip on my own while I continue with school. It's been tough but I'm almost there! I got a bulk of the money doing commissions and other freelance illustration work- a great start to my potenial career!

I can't wait for what this year has to hold, travelling, working... I hope it all works out!

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