Friday, March 12, 2010

March Break

After some long hard weeks I am just minutes away from being on March break! I cannot wait!
I have a lot of school work to do, of course, but I still have some pretty exciting plans for the week long break.

To start the break off I will be going to visit my grandmother who I haven't seen since Christmas. I'm looking forward to some good old home cooking! As a student I don't get that very often as one could imagine, haha.

Once I return from my grandmother's and head home I will be spending my free time sleeping in, visiting old friends, getting some personal artwork done (for me and my portfolio) as well as working on my business plan!

I have a goal to finish my business plan by the end of the break so I have much to do.
I'm excited to have a business plan under my belt because I will feel much more organized about my business which I am still hoping to have up and running come the summer.

Annnnnnd my break has officially started!

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