Sunday, June 6, 2010

LRC Logo

In College the area where my program was taught(along with another program called IMOG (Interative Motions and Graphics)) is called the LRC. I still don't understand what LRC stands for but it was a small area and kept all the students very close. Everyone knew everyone's name- almost everyone there became friends, it was great.

So on Deviantart some graduates from the Digital Animation program had the great idea of uniting LRC graduates (and current students alike) by creating the LRC Society group. In this group we share artwork, network and just keep the friendships we made close.

A contest was held on this Deviantart group to come up with a logo to represent our LRC Society. Though there weren't many submissions I am still proud to say that my logo was the chosen one- a definite bonus for my portfolio/resume.

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  1. Ya know know that you mention it, I dont know what LRC stands for either.