Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sears National Kids Cancer Ride

It has been a while since I posted anything- I've been so busy!!
I hope to update more often both artistically and blog-ally from now on.

But any whosit, cool news!
In a past blog ( as seen here) I had mentioned I designed a logo/character for an important cause. A former teacher of mine is biking across Canada (with many other athletes- although she's the only Nova Scotian- woo!) for the Sears National Kid's Cancer Ride. As mentioned, I had the honour to great a little logo for her jersey. I chose a cute cartoony Tiger as it is child friendly but also represents the strength one possesses to live with cancer.
Today for the first time I got to see how the jersey turned out and I received a jersey of my very own!

Have a look!!

The Front

Close Up

The Back

Close up of the upper back

Close up of the bottom, back pocket- with my signature :D

I feel so blessed for having had the chance to design this little fella. As if the national exposure to my little tiger wasn't enough, I also had the chance to donate my time and energy to cancer research. What an opportunity :) Thanks, Suzanne!

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