Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Vday!

Happy Day after Vday one and all!

I spent my Vday drawing alone in my room... it was AWESOME! Even though I would have loved for the beau to be there, I still thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I FINALLY got to use my absolutely fabulous drafting table!! <3 I still need to get myself a high enough chair- but besides that I have an awesome set up that I'm so proud of! As soon as I get a chair I'll post pictures!!

Until then please enjoy this drawing I did for the boyfriend for Vday! I gave him a drawing and he got me an Xbox... haha.... hoo boy.

This was my first traditional drawing in a VERY long time (besides sketches and doodles). I used my super awesome inky brush-tip pen for inking (besides the faces, I used a small pen for that) and the very few copic markers I have! I'm still learning how to use these mediums so I realize this is very rough (especially with those lines of white out). But its a learning experience and I am very excited to make more messes and mistakes so I can keep improving!

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